Dalian Jierui Fluid Control Co.,Ltd(Stock Short: JIERUI FLUID, Stock Code: 833212) is service provider of fluid power products and solutions. With years of focusing on the research and development, manufacture, and service experience in the field of fluid pipeline connection system, the advanced fluid connection products and reliable hydraulic system have been provided to the high-end customers. We provide full range of technical services and customized solutions according to different customer's demand, and ensure that the transmission of hydraulic power is more safe, efficient and sustainable development. Our products and solutions are widely used in the offshore oil and gas exploration, engineering ships, rail transportation and locomotives, new energy industry, engineering machinery, wind power industry, metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry, military production and other industries. Our company is a national high-tech enterprise,with advanced technology and strong production ability, our products and services have been recognized by domestic and overseas customers. There are 160 staff members, including 60 R&D  technical staff in our team. We will continue to create value for our customer and society.


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JIERUI believe that the low-carbon economy, environmental protection, green products and social responsibility are the most important issues in today's world. These issue also effect the competitiveness of the future enterprises. JIERUI always insists on the coordinated development of economy, social relation, resources, and environmental protection. At the same time of high-speed development, we will never sacrifice the environment, waste resources and expand social conflicts. With the modern management concept,compliance with the international standards,and gathering the passion and intelligence from the specialists, JIERUI is committed to provide customized and continuous development solutions for enterprises, government and social institution in the field of rail locomotive, marine project and ship, equipment manufacture, petrochemical, agriculture and other industries. Our goal is to achieve the harmony and win-win development between economy, environment and society.

To help the government, public institutions, and enterprises in the positive development of economy and reducing the negative impact on the environment, JIERUI carefully created many solutions for saving energy and environmental protection. The company has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system. Through the production and management of environmental materials and accessories,  optimizing the solution for environmental protection, using the energy-saving equipments instead of backward equipments, designing the energy-saving and environmental technology, assessment of product's life circle, proposal of eco-friendly design, optimization of package and logistic, environmental monitoring and other ways, we ensure our products and services are eco-friendly and energy-saving.

Enterprise's continuous development can not be separated from the mutual trust between all parties with the same interests. Consumers, media, non-govermental organizations and investors more and more concerned about whether the company's products are legal, produced in the humane environment, and employees are working in the basic secured environment. To guarantee the brand reputation and risk management, JIERUI comply with ECS,SAI, BSCI, ETI and other convention of the international community, pass the GB/T 28001 health and safety management system, safety standard certification by the machinery manufacturing and shipbuilding enterprise. We also actively participate in unions and various community activities.

JIERUI obtain the certificates of CCS,DNV,ABS,etc. and passing the ISO9001、ISO14001,GB/T28001 system management certificates. The ministry of Railways have provided the inspection result of hose assembly pressure, explosion, leakage, pulse, flexibility in low temperature, bending, vacuum resistance, wear resistance, fluid resistance, flame retardancy, adhesion strength, ozone resistance and closure.  Clear strategy, obvious technical advantages, improved the process and management system, and high-efficient team make JIERUI always lead the market and obtain the continuous competitive advantage.