Enterprise vision
JIERUI will become a global hydrodynamic solutions Professional Company

This is JIERUI's role and direction in the business competition which has been discovered in the company history and customer's demand. It bring the operation policy and service style of JIERUI to people. It shows JIERUI's business, product and service are related to the hydraulic motion industry. JIERUI is a professional company involved in many and related industries.

To become "the world" is a beautiful blueprint to inspire all JIERUI staff to struggle for. Professional company of hydrodynamic solutions show the spiritual realm of JIERUI which is JIERUI's important foundation of sustainable development.

Enterprise mission
Based on the dedicated, professional, continuous and healthy development ideas, we provide customers with safe, reliable, low carbon environmental fluid power  products and services.

This mission expresses JIERUI's value of developing the enterprise through promoting the civilization. It shows the JIERUI staff's lofty ideal and goal.

Core values
● Focus on product quality and customer service
● Pay attention to team work
● the pursuit of innovation and excellence
● The pursuit of win-win partnership
● To create value for customers and society

Paying attention to product quality and customer service is the core values of JIERUI, the cornerstone of JIERUI culture,  the noble qualities of JIERUI PEOPLE, and foundation of JIERUI.

Enterprise spirit
Pragmatic, passion, profession, innovation

Pragmatism is a style of work, JIERUI people will keep his feet on the ground; passion is a work attitude, JIERUI people will maintain passion; profession is an ability of work, JIERUI people should be professional in their job; innovation is a kind of thinking, JIERUI people should dare to break through the tradition and self-subversion, strive to explore and practice new idea,method and path.

Enterprise commitment
Aggressive, People-Orient to create better life together.

Aggressive is based on the hope of life, People -orient is based on the respect and research of society. Creating better life is JIERUI's oath to the shareholders, customer, staff,and society.

Cooperation and win-win
Along with the growing up of JIERUI, influence continued to rise, our relationship with partners draw more attention, how to be responsible, efficient and win-win with local governments, enterprises promote strategic cooperation, how to perform the responsibility together with the supplier and all industry when the  business environment need to be more formal, how to achieve cooperation through Internet, these questions have become our biggest challenges. Therefore, we expect that the construction of the sharing mechanism and platform for cooperation between government, enterprise, strategy, achieving reciprocity and mutual benefit, common development; through the promotion of industry cooperation platform, promote the common development of the industry; by carrying out supply chain Social Responsibility Evaluation and investigation, push purchasing responsibility and system, leads the supply chain partners to perform social responsibility, JIERUI overall social responsibility philosophy and approach is extended to the supplier's production and service; through a positive and sincere cooperation with the Internet platform to effectively carry out foreign communication and dissemination of JIERUI responsible corporate image.