JIERUI 's social responsibility theory follow the JIERUI's culture. The mission, wish and concept of JIERUI's social responsibility are highly consistent with the JIERUI's culture.Paying attention to the products' quality and customer service, insisting on the forging ahead and team work, pursuit of innovation and excellence are the core value of enterprise culture. This value leads the direction of JIERUI's social responsibility's practice.JIERUI come up with performing series of cultural concepts' responsibilities including economic responsibility, customer responsibility, partner responsibility, social responsibility, environmental responsibility to guide the social responsibility's practice.

Social responsibility vision
We pursuit the excellence and work hard to creat the excellent enterprise image "trusted by customer, loved by employee, respected by society and praised by people" and make JIERUI the most competitive enterprise worldwide beyond the pursuit of only profits.

Concept of economic responsibility
Adhering to performance oriented by the pursuit of balanced,comprehensive and high quality performance.

Performance is the basic standard of JIERUI's selection,recruitment, evaluation, and encouragement of employee.

Performance will not compromise the hard-working, Value will not compromise the performance.

Concept of customer liability
We carefully maintain the customer's interests, strictly obey the business ethic, carry out the fair competition, working hard to provide superior, environmental, and reasonable products and services, continuously develop beyond the customer's expectation, honestly cooperate and creat value for customer. We sincerely hope to grow together with our customers.

Concept of employee responsibility
Try to create a simple, honest, and positive organization culture; Be strict with the executive and be kind with the staff.

Respecting the value of people, developing people's potential, the sublimation of human's mind, protecting the rights and interests of employees, and realizing the maximization of enterprise value and employee value.

Concept of supply chain
Sharing benefits, cooperating and developing together with business partner.

Concept of environmental responsibility
Never sacrifice the environment in order to develop the enterprise;Never sacrifice the long-term interests of environment in order to exchange for the short-term profits; Never sacrifice the citizen's health and life to gain the profits without conscience;Never seek the short-term glory at the cost of brand reputation.