Positive and professional staff members are the key of enterprise's success. We offer a fair and equal opportunity to all our staff members, and provide promotion according to the personal qualification, work performance and aggressive.

Insisting on the personnel principle of " Respecting the people's value, developing the people's potential, purifying the people's heart", we creat JIERUI as an open organization. In this organization, the ordinary people become outstanding, outstanding people become excellent. More and more talents achieve their goal of life.

Training and founding of a market leading, advanced in organization, leading the trend of value, full of responsibility talents' team to support the achievement of enterprise goal, is JIERUI's continuous pursuit of talents.

JIERUI people cherish their own inner dream and pursuit, because dream make people more active, creative, and aggressive to surpass the other organization and personal and realize their own goal.

Guiding ideology
Respect for human values
JIERUI advocate everyone is talented. As long as approving JIERUI's concept, with professional spirit and quality, everyone can become JIERUI's staff member.

JIERUI advocate employee value and enterprise value to grow together, along with the development of enterprises, employees also receive an the reward and promotion according to their efforts and get the recognition of their value.


Potential of developing human
JIERUI take the talent's development as strategy level, continuously provide study opportunity, work opportunity and self-challenging opportunity. This is the biggest respect to people and kindness to staff.

JIERUI make effort to optimize the talent's selection,training,employing and keeping mechanism and develop each person's talents.

Through training culture, shaping value concept, incentive mechanism, work experience and other, other ways, JIERUI create an inspiring and positive working environment. Which can inspire the staff's dedication and responsibility, lead the staff explore the meaning of work and life to purify their spirit and achieve higher goal beyond the profits.