Equipment capacity
JIERUI have independent and professional testing center, equipped with static pressure test machine, explosion test machine, pulse test machine, vibration test machine, Flame Resistance test machine, Bending test machine, imported granular size detector, cleanliness analyzer, endoscopic mirror, and other testing and analysis machine.

Intelligent manufacturing
Internet+Automatic production improve the production  efficiency  and  product  quality ,reduce costs, and improve the competitiveness. We imported high precision CNC machine with annual production capacity of more than 2 million pieces; hose assemble machine composed by imported equipments with annual capacity of 500 thousand pieces; Finland "FINN·POWER" hose crimper with largest diameter of 12"; Imported Eaton's "Wonders" steel pipe forming machine; 37°steel pipe forming machine, bending machine, and other machines, also we can according to the customer's construction project, on-site service.

Logistics warehouse
● With area of 5000 square meters strong storage space and abundant raw material stock, to ensure the delivery on time.
● Using bar code management which is more simple,fast and efficient.
● Cooperating with the professional logistic companies to ensure the product safety and on-time delivery.
Company introduce advanced inventory management system of JMI(Joint managed inventory)mode to ensure the same with customer's demand and eliminate the effects of demand expanding and uncertainty. It also shows the principle of sharing resource and risks. It effectively control the risk of supply chain storage, simplify the program of supply chain storage management, and make the supply chain more stable and reduce the cost.

Professional team

● Our hose crimping technician have obtained the crimping certification after EATON's professional training.
● Our welding technician have passed the CCS and other professional technical examinations and have obtained the certificates.
● Our project manager has many years of experience to lead the construction team.

Sales support

Pre service
According to customer's need, we provide detailed features, functions, technical advice of product to the customer, including technical transformation plan advice and necessary technical and business documents.
Sale service
For meeting customer's requirements, we design, manufacture, inspect ,protect, deliver and test the products on time. Our goal is to provide the "On- time and Qualified" products.
After-sale service
Solving the request for repair on time; Providing technical training and service at any time; Making After-sale visit regularly; Establishing the production documents for each customer; Making the customer satisfaction survey each year; Providing the most recent products information. We try our best to provide best service and ensure the satisfaction of our customer.

Technological innovation
JIERUI provide walform plus pipe adapter, 37°flared flange, and retaining ring flange with non welding connection technology, no need welding, subsequent acid pickling and crack detection. It can also reduce the the cleaning time of pipeline and make the operation more simple to reduce the costs. By repeated test and application from our engineering, marine project and metallurgy customers, our products have ability of reliable connection, leakproof, and become the best solutions for hydraulic pipeline connection.

Modern management
During the recent years, JIERUI constantly improve the internal management mechanism and implement new managing structure to achieve rapid expansion. To meet the goals of rapid development and modern management, our company continuously introduce advance d management concepts and scientific management methods. We commit to make the information and excellence modern enterprise management platform which will improve the management level and profits. "Practice and Study before work".  JIERUI provide various training, practice and long-term encouragement policy for the pursuit of highest quality and largest profits. The advanced management concept and scientific management have been enjoyed by staff members and become their conscious  behavior in order to improve the staff qualities and enterprise management level.

At the same time of carrying out the advanced management, JIERUI's executive has imported Cloud Calculation and ERP system. We committed to create information and digital enterprise management platform to achieve the goal of "Information, Digital, and Excellent management enterprise".

Cloud Computing is more flexible, efficient, economy, energy-saving operation of information. All the information will be moved on the Internet, the complex information process work will be left to the "cloud", which is the computers' network and data center. It is a model of virtual and efficient new Internet enterprise. It can realize the combination of traditional enterprises and internet companies to improve the work efficiency.
ERP is the enterprise resource planning system based on the information technology and system management theory, to provide  executives and staffs with decision-making ways. It is combined with the information technology and advanced management theory and become a modern enterprise operation mode, reflecting the sensible resource allocation and maximizing the profits. It is the foundation of the enterprise surviving at the information era.