Product Introduction
● Effective loading of Fluids and dry bulk materials between fixed and floating production units are necessary to maintain continuous operations.
● Jierui’s Hose reel winches and are designed to provide reliable, safe and efficient fluid transfer in various land and offshore applications.
● The systems improve safety and efficiency on Jack-ups, semis, drill ships, FPSO`s and PSV`s – any rig/ vessel where fluid and dry products are loaded from or to service vessel. A typical  station consist of several modular hose reel units/different size hose reels designed for minimal footprint and weights to suit individual needs and applications.
● The bulk loading stations from Jierui are suitable for both new buildings and upgrading / modification projects and are delivered for a variety of hose sizes / lengths.

● Increased safety for equipment
● Added safety for personnel in hostile offshore environment
● Less time needed for the operation
● Reduced need for operating personnel –one man operated
● Environment protection and protection from spillage
● No more long hours of exposure to sunlight resulting in longevity of hose life
● Increased lifespan of the hoses due to less wear and tear
● Less chance for hose fatigue failure
● Space saving onboard the vessel/Rig
● Easy access for maintenance and service

Reel Units Mounting Style

     Single reel unit          Double reel unit          Stacked reel units
  * According to customers' different requirements , we can change the form of reel s in order to reduce space

JR-RW120M Specification


① Hose
② Reel
③ Protection guard
④ swivel
⑤ Frame
⑥ Reducer and motor



Drive: Electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic  
Number of reels: 1–16
Hose type: Softwall or hardwall     
Hose lengths: Up to 120 m
Control: Local and/or remote 
Diameter of hose: 11/2”– 8”     
Zone (typical): Zone 1, Gas Group 11A/11B, T3