Along with the development of the automatic technology of marine, valve remote control system have widely applied in ballast water system, bilge water system and oil tanker transfer system that need remote operate valves. Through control system supervises the valve's status, controls valve's opening, let ballast water system etc operates smoothly and reliable.
The valve remote control system uses pressure oil, pneumatic air and electricity as power, remote controls the valves opening/closing. These systems are applied in not only marine piping, but also oil and gas piping.

The type of valve remote control system is as below:
 ■ Hydraulic
 ■ Electro-hydraulic
 ■ Pneumatic
 ■ Eletrical
The mainly function of valve remote control system: 
 ■ Remote control
 ■ Status monitor
 ■ Malfunction detection

 ■ Wireless control
 ■ Remote suppervise
 ■ High positioning accuracy
 ■ Cleanrance, no leakage
 ■ Malfunction detection
High performance price ratio
 ■ Global design & resource
 ■ System integrated locally
 ■ Professional pipe assembly service
Benefits for shipowners
 ■ Highly reliabile system
 ■ Offers a high degree of customization
 ■ Minimizes operating and maintenance costs
 ■ High performance and compact size gives more space for cargo
 ■ Exceptionally safe and environmentally sound
Benefits for shipyards
 ■ The most compact design, grants significant space savings and affords new ship design possibilities.
 ■ Customization provides flexbility and makes implementation easier.
 ■ Unlimited mounting positions and vast application know-how make installation and commissioning fast and painless.