Turn-key Engineering Services

    Jierui Fluid is capable of providing various professional services, covering a whole set of Turn-key Engineering Services from engineering design to product manufacture and supply, and from site construction and installation to oil cleaning on pipelines, pressure test as well as after-sales service supports. Most components manufactured by Jierui Fluid are prefabricated by machines to ensure high quality.

    Reliable 24/7 site services would be provided by Jierui Fluid to ensure high quality of the whole set of the system, as well as the timely delivery and perfect cost control.

    Continuous striving for higher quality of products and innovation in technical research and development have always been done by the Company to provide and satisfy our customer with connection technologies and resolutions for leakage-free fluids.

    Sufficient inventories and flexible production lines ensure quick reaction may be done by us in accordance with requirements proposed by the customers, and the customers may be satisfied with the shortest delivery time.

Serious Team of Design Engineers

    A professional team of Design Engineers for hydraulic pipes is employed by Jierui Fluid with the application of pipe design software such as CAD (Computer Aided Design), solidworks, SB3DS (Shipbuilding 3D Design System) etc., providing the customers with production, construction and design services for hydraulic pipes.

Experienced Construction Team

    A qualified and experienced team for hydraulic pipe construction is owned by Jierui Fluid, to perennially provide the customers with construction services of hydraulic pipe engineering. The team has over 10-year experience in site assembly and construction of hydraulic pipes.

Professional Site Service Equipment

    A number of oil flushing equipment, oil detection equipment and professional equipment of site construction and manufacture for pipes are owned by Jierui Fluid, to provide the customers with services such as pipeline installation, flushing and detection.