JIERUI listed on the new board officially landed in the capital market
2015-08-14    Source: Dalian Jierui Fluid & Motion Control Co., Ltd.

In Aug. 14th, 2015, Dalian JIERUI fluid control Co., Ltd. shares formally listed on the Beijing National Equities Exchange and Quotation (refer to as " New Three Board") for exchange. Exchange Ticker:JIERUI FLUID, Stock Code: 833212.

The small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system referred to as "the new Sanban" is approved by the State Council set up the third national securities trading places, and the Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange has exactly the same legal status. The new board is dedicated in the start-up phase of high growth, innovation, science and technology enterprises share transfer platform, solve the small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology transfer of shares platform, focus on solving the problem of SME financing difficulties. The new Sanban listed, not only can enhance the enterprise's financing capacity, level of management and brand image, to employees implement equity incentive to attract top talent, but also bring wealth effect, enables the company to obtain liquidity premium, are more likely to receive attention from a VC and PE. At the same time, also increased the mobility of shares, to provide shareholders with the withdrawal mechanism to facilitate the company's mergers and acquisitions. Since August 2014, the company began to prepare for the new three board listed in July 23, 2015 to obtain shares transferred to the company approved, August 14th officially listed transactions.

With connected in a fluid pipeline system in the field for many years specializing in R & D, production and professional service experience, products has become a high speed train, subway, drilling platforms, such as high-end equipment manufacturing well-known manufacturers of special accessory products. At the same time, the company provides high-quality pipeline installation engineering service and high reliability of the hydraulic system of ocean engineering. According to the needs of different customers to provide a full range of technical services and personalized solutions to ensure that the transmission of fluid power is more secure, reliable, efficient and sustainable development. Company's products and solutions are widely used in offshore oil and gas mining, engineering ships, rail transport and locomotives, construction machinery, wind power, metallurgy, petrochemical and other industrial fields. And committed to becoming the world's leading provider of hydraulic pipe connections and high end hydraulic system solutions. This into the new Sanban listing marks the company officially landed in the capital market, the future of the company will continue to uphold the use of advanced, innovative technology and scientific and modern management of purpose, develop new products, develop new markets, products have strong competitiveness in terms of quality, price and other. On the basis of doing a good job, fully with the strength of the capital market, and actively strive to do the company bigger, in order to continuously enhance the value of the company and a good performance in return for the majority of investors and all shareholders.