Walform plus

• Using Eaton Walterscheid professional technology for production, it has reliable connection to ensure leak-proof, with the practical application in construction machinery and other industrial sectors for decades;

• Dual seal design with soft and hard materials, it can withstand high pressures, with a maximum working pressure up to 630bar

• Fewer parts facilitate installation with smaller installation torque, and installation and maintenance costs are lowered while ensuring reliability

• No welding process required, it saves subsequent acid pickling, flaw detection and other procedures, and greatly shortens pipe cleaning time, makes construction easier and reduces labor costs

• This connection type has been recognized by the world’s major classification societies: ABS (American Bureau of Shipping), DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and LR (Lloyd's Register of Shipping)

• It is applicable to 6 ~ 42mm carbon steel, stainless steel hydraulic pipelines

• It is sustainable to repeated installations

• Simply replacing the seals is enough to deal with connection failures. On-site maintenance could be easy